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A standard increase in compensation for Director Level positions in Manufacturing is about 10%.

To change from one company to the next, expect about a 10% raise.

We were close to placing a candidate at a great company, and it was going to be about a 16% increase.
In fact, the client was originally considering the candidate for a Manager role (which was a 12% bump), and they moved to offer him a Director position (which is a total increase of 16%).
A big increase over what the candidate was making currently.
But not as much as the candidate suddenly wants to make ….

“If I was a Director, I could make this … ” (28% increase).

Of course you could.

But that’s after a few years of knocking it out of the park.

And this company was willing to give you the opportunity to grow into that role.

Candidate over-negotiated.

Offer quickly pulled.

Backup candidate received offer.

Placement made.

Unrealistic expectations, typically result in unfavorably realistic outcomes.

The expectations here at SCN on this chilly Tuesday morning … time to get after it!
Make it a great day everyone.
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