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Gotion, Inc. a large battery manufacturer, and subsidiary of a Chinese parent company has just sued Green Township, MI.

Gotion, Inc. is/was/is planning on constructing a $2.4B Battery Manufacturing facility in the township.

Green Township had to meet certain responsibilities, such as installing a water main, and they have not done so.

And just recently there has been a coupe at the township, where the former elected officials (who signed Gotion, Inc.) have been displaced by new officials who do not want Gotion, Inc. in their community and who have literally changed the locks on the township government building.


The key question of course, does Green Township not want development in their community because they are against progress?

Or, do they not want Gotion, Inc. in their community, because of the Chinese parent company?

By all indications, it’s the latter.

Gotion, Inc.’s business charter however, states that they are not even allowed to conduct business in China.

So then, the issue is, they don’t want anyone in their community, who has influence from China.

Here’s a quick $.02.

The Chinese government may be an adversary of the USA from a Geo-Political perspective.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t do good business with Chinese investment.

Just like most large American companies invest in businesses in China.

There is not a personal collection of products anywhere where there is absence of a part or product from China, especially if it is electronic.

The $2.4B that will or could have been invested in Green Township, MI was as green as every other American dollar.

Schools, infrastructure, real estate income value, etc. … all of the benefits of having that type of tax base in the community are just the same as if it were any other investor.

All of the workers in that plant would / will be American, Michiganders.

The batteries produced would benefit US consumers.

The short-sightedness in this particular revolt is not lasting.

If for some reason the township rebels win the fight and keep Gotion out, it’ll be a nano-second until this company finds another US community taker of their $2.4B investment.

We are in a global business world, and most large companies have global foot prints and global customer bases. Comparative advantages are endless.

Doesn’t mean that you can’t vote, or advocate for your beliefs, and surely the investors from China are doing the same.

Because you disagree with someone politically, doesn’t mean that you can’t do business with that person, or company.

Could you imagine how much business would not be done, if democrats and republicans refused to conduct business together? Rhetorical only …. rhetorical only … ha!

29-44, sunshine.

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Make it a great day, everyone!

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