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Clay … Rock


Clay can be molded.

Rock is strong … but it breaks.

Employment is a two-way street.

Employers want associates who are flexible.

And can be molded.

Employees want employers who are flexible.

Work from home.

Modern policies on PTO.

When an employee and employer are clay … the relationship has a great chance to last.

But even in the best relationships.

Clay can harden over time and become rock solid.

Employers should take a hard look at their policies, does the heat turned up make the corporate walls a kiln?

Employees should be aware of the company goals, and if the leadership is reasonable, does it really make sense to petrify thyself?

Answers here are never black and white … more gray … like the shade of my favorite kind of clay.

Gray like clay … that’s the best play.

Speaking of gray … we’ve got some skies in SE-MI that’ll rival them all.

Not slowing us down though.

Make it a gray clay, great day everyone!


In 2022 worker productivity reached it’s biggest decline since 1947.

Some of my favorite moments still though are making it into the office on a weekend, when it’s completely quiet and empty.

Such a different feeling from the hustle and bustle of the week.

8am – 1pm for me this past Saturday was glorious.

Great time to plan, get ahead, and crank through projects.


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