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Clay or Rock?


This is one of the great choices we get to make in the world of work.

Clay, moldable to the position, to the company. Or in the case of management, to be moldable to the people on the team.

Rock, firm, not listening, not changing.

This decision is a two-way street.

Employees and their decision to adjust to policy.

Management, and their ability or interest in adjusting to their people.

If it were easy, our firm may not be as busy as we are …

Employees and managers don’t always play nicely together.

People want a new job.

Or managers want to let someone go.

Probably the biggest opportunity in for improvement in work today, is for managers to adjust to their team.

Most people changing jobs eventually tell us they do not like their manager … and it’s a reason why they want to move along.

Outside of commitments to operate legally or ethically … there just are not many good options for the path of rock.

Change in the world of work is not stopping anytime soon!

Choose wisely.

Great workout this am. Shoveling snow.

31-38, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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