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ChatGPT What?

Another big move in the tech world.
ChatGPT has made its splash quickly, optimizing language models for dialogue.
The tech is incredible and allows for essays, conversations, and phrases that sound like only a human could have created them.

They sound real … which is … surreal.
Most people who have interacted with the application are alarmed at how quickly and accurately dialogue is formed.

OK, what does this tech mean?

There is certainly a place for great tech like this in the modern world.

Places where it could add value, for the benefit of society.

But unfortunately, through these eyes I’m afraid I see more negative outcomes than good with the new ChatGPT tech.

Soon it will be overrun with absolute garbage by people with the worst intentions.
Tech that advances society for the benefit of humanity, I’m all in.

I have been beyond impressed about how AI has added huge value in the supply chain, with warehouse robotics, and logistics.
Advancements in the medical field have been lifesaving … literally.

Here’s what I think is coming with ChatGPT.
Insane amounts of AI ‘content’ on all social media platforms.
Probably ‘bots’ to reply and engage on the content.
And then the AI bots engaging back.
Into an endless stream of nothingness.
All of the English teachers in America are already on the rails about how to determine if an essay is real, or not.
Comments sections online … forget about it … they’ll soon be meaningless.
Crap after more crap, spewed via email, online, text, you name it.

SPAM on steroids … it’s coming.

Here at SCN people are constantly asking, “why did Jim send this email to me asking for my personal information”? ….

We haven’t seen anything yet, now with ChatGPT on the scene.

It’s hard not to imagine the elderly getting taken advantage of, because the conversations will sound real, and they’ll end up releasing their personal information.

In the recruiting world, I’m sure someone will implement ChatGPT tech in place of humans to recruit, vet, and screen candidates.
Then the candidates will implement chat bots to reply to all of the bots who are contacting them.

Bots being recruited by bots.

More nothingness.
Maybe we’ll have to start conversations with, yes I am human, here is my card that proves it.

As tech grows, a more humanized approach will never stop being the answer for anyone in the business world.
Bots and AI can’t change the fact that we are all humans.
Although … they’ll mess with a bunch of us with meaningless, nothingness along the way.

From this aging and bones creaking human to the rest of you ….. best wishes for making it a great day today!

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