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Chasing Perfect


It’s always fun hearing a search consult summarize the client debrief calls after interviews with the SCN Recruiter who has been working relentlessly on the assignment.

Happened yesterday.
SCN Search Consultant, “They really liked her overall, but she is lacking this ….”.
SCN Recruiter, “What????!!!!###%%$$&&!!!! She’s perfect!”.
Hyperbole of course.
‘Perfect’ does not exist.
I contend even that Warren Zevon got it wrong with the ‘Werewolves of London” lyrics, ‘His hair was perfect … ah-hoo, werewolves of London’.
No hair is perfect.
No candidate is perfect.

Nor is a company, or position, etc.
But we are programmed to chase perfect when hiring!
Managers have big pressures and numbers to hit.
They want … need … the best talent on their team.
Their means of survival in the unforgiving world of business.
Our search consulting conversations steer the discussion to ‘best-fit’ candidate.
The ‘best-fit’ candidate is one who closest matches ideal …. but is still motivated for what they are offering.
“Since you are locked in on this salary range and this background requirement, our suggestion is to move quickly to this candidate and offer the best package you can offer – she is clearly the ‘best-fit’ option”.
“Oh, that’s your plan. You are going to move quickly and offer the best-fit candidate ……. perfect”.
It’s cold … biting, winter cold here in SE-MI.

And it’s windy.

But the days are longer and brighter!

We’ll take it.

Chasing perfect here at SCN today, and same to you.

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Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

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