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Had a nice conversation with one of our associates yesterday.

He’s pushing hard for success.

And he is making progress, but like most of us, he wants success to happen quicker.

We live in a results-based world of work after all.

Just about all of the good sales people I have known over the years are cognizant of their numbers.

They know where they stand.

However, here is what I shared with him.

Often times, focusing on the outcome only is a distraction.

The top consistent performers are aware of the numbers, but their focus is the way the game is being played.

The preparation.

The process.

Becoming the best version of themselves.

If you do this, and if you possess the skills, and if the market is viable … success will come in bunches.

In my 27+ years management … sales management and otherwise (old) … I’ve seen moments of success for people who have great skill, or maybe timing was on their side and they hit a big sale.

Some have hit snap shots of success, when an unusually high percentage of sales hit at once, when their overall pipeline was relatively small.

A good week, month, or year.

It happens.

But lasting … high caliber professional …. continuous success … year after year after year …. is only earned by a small, select few who are talented, self-disciplined, and self-motivated.

They check all of the boxes all of the time.

Because all of the boxes always need to be checked, for lasting success.

An obsession with continuous improvement.

And not chasing the numbers only.

 70-81, sun, clouds, showers.

Make it a great day everyone!


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Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

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