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Had a nice conversation the other day with an Executive of a Vehicle Systems supplier.

He’s building his engineering team.

He brought up a few interesting questions.

Outside of experience and education, what is the best way to determine who will perform best in the role?

What particular skill set or characteristic should be valued the most?

Great questions.

These are the ones he was thinking of .

Skill mastery?

Self-discipline – doing what needs to be done, when one doesn’t want to?

Intelligence – IQ?

Something else?

Of these options, I’ve always been a believer in self-discipline as a key to success that translates to just about anything.

But wanted to get your perspective as well, on the poll below.

54-85, clouds, rain, sun, clouds ….

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Best trait someone possesses that best predicts future success in a position?

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Skill Mastery






Other – please comment below!


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