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Changing CRMs

Anyone who has been in business has used a CRM or an enterprise software system at some point along the way.

There are bunches.

Changing CRMs should never be an easy decision.

People don’t like their cheese moved, unnecessarily.

Just part of human nature.

And if used properly, CRMs are utilized for all aspects of an efficient operation.

It takes a lot of work to move things around.

But after 20 years of building with the same ATS, we swiftly moved to the Loxo system after seeing its capabilities.

Intuitive, machine learning, AI, automation, data source …. we now have the most cutting edge CRM in the recruiting industry integrated into the operations of our business.

This move was necessary for the growth we want to achieve.

It was necessary to hire and retain the best talent in the marketplace.

And it will help us serve our clients in the best way possible.

A lot of wins.

Thank you Matt Chambers and the entire Loxo team for the incredible support during the transition over.

We are beyond excited about the future, in building together.

Bright skies ahead!

PR Release linked in the comments below.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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