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CES – Boots on the Ground


SCN – Search Consulting Network‘s Brendan Moriarty and Samson Kakos are visiting with clients and friends at the International CES – Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Incredible Technology.

Huge presence of attendees from the State of Michigan, considered by many to be the Advanced Manufacturing Capital of the world.

‘Consumer Electronics’ … means just about everything now … with the intersection of technology across all industries … software … blue tooth … computer technology.

* Vehicles

* Manufacturing Machines

* Medical Devices

Fun tidbit … carmakers are puffing their chests in the press, talking about all of the advancement in software and technology of the vehicles ….

Behind the scenes … stress … anxiety … worried that all of the software may have gliches or obstacles that keep it from performing without error …. think of having to reboot a computer … that doesn’t translate well to vehicle operations.

Getting complex technology to work … much easier said than done …

Maybe it’ll be progress as described in the Patrick Sly song …. ‘Two Steps Forward, One Step Back’.

30-36, clouds, and snow hitting here in ‘The D’. More tomorrow.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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