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Nice time yesterday at the Ceramics Expo in Novi, MI with Lauren Winn and Traci Krug.

Not shown, SCN’s Brendan Moriarty who is one of our specialists in the materials space.

Incredible companies and people gathering from all over the world to talk ceramics.

Ceramics are a huge part of the advanced manufacturing world, because they offer high hardness, wear resistance, compression strength and electrical resistance, and there is minimal susceptibility to acids or caustics.

The show covered 3 primary areas:

1) Materials and Design
New complex ceramic shapes and materials for the modern manufacturing world.

2) Manufacturing and Processing
Evolving technologies from advancements in automated production processes.

3) Product Development and Optimization
Incredible advancements in technology to meet sustainability challenges, and a lot of applications in electric vehicles.

My favorite display included a ceramic coating used on the exterior of a space shuttle that withstands incredibly high temperatures.

Space shuttle flames sounds pretty good right now.

36-54, rain, clouds.

Make it a great day everyone!


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