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Had a DM inquiry yesterday from a caring parent.

Son studied a medical field in undergrad.

It’s not for him, trying to figure out the path forward.

Here’s a career hierarchy to consider.

Kind of Maslow Hierarchy-ish, without the pyramid and based on my experience, not research.

Chronologically each step must be achieved and maintained before going to the next step.

1. Contribute to society, provide for yourself and take care of yourself

2. Add value to a company, utilizing specific knowledge, education, a skill, or a knack

3. Able to provide for other people who do not work, a spouse or family

4. Considering skills and abilities, to receive maximum return for time investment, for Challenge, Location, Advancement, Money, People, Stability (CLAMPS)

5. Work is joyful, limited stress, and flexibility is provided

6. Personal passions and interests are achieved in the work

Congratulations if you achieve any of these levels, you are successful.

Each level of advancement, gets you closer to hitting the career lottery.

Fundamentally, work should be what you are able to do to provide value to something … not about chasing passions or interests or enjoyment.

But if you are lucky enough to get there … you’re in the rarest of company.

You hit the career lottery, 99.99999999th percentile.

Up to 79 and sunny.

Yesterday I got into my vehicle after work, and it was a sauna, baking in warmth and sun all day. 

I forgot the feeling.

Make it a great day everyone!


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