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Burgeoning Batteries


Great time at The Battery Show.

Suburban Show Place in Novi is overflowing.

So much so, the show is being moved next year to Huntington Place (formerly Cobo Hall) in Detroit.

When I reserved our booth for exhibit next year, I learned that exhibitor space is 70% larger next year and as of Wednesday afternoon, was just about sold out.

Not too long ago, the show was just a fraction of what it is today and now this is one of the hottest shows in the world.

Battery growth is exploding and it’s no surprise with the move to vehicle electrification.

And just like anything automotive, Detroit is right in the middle of it.

The proud advanced manufacturing capital of the world.

Some of the hot topics regarding battery technology:

1. Travel distance until a re-charge is needed

2. Battery Recycling

3. Near shore USA battery manufacturing

It’s an exciting time in the battery sector, and we’re proud to support so many companies who are hiring great people to advance their companies in the space.

Parking is a nightmare, but if you are from the industry and in the area, it’s worth it stopping by.

A nice get away from the day-to-day office routine … a way to recharge the battery? ….

48-69, sunshine.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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