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Body Language … Attitude


Heard a nice conversation with Geno Auriemma recently, the controversial coach of the University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball Team.

Body language.

He places a premium on this with his players.

Is their head up … or down?

Hustling … or taking it slow?

Encouraging others … or keeping to self?

The concepts translate to the business world.

Body language in athletics is attitude in business.

Managers are always aware of attitudes with team members … it’s part of their job to be.

One of the ways to get ahead in the business world is to bring a great attitude with you every, single day.

Video Calls.



You name it … it all counts.

Back in SE-MI today, after a great trip out west.

I’m still hoping for the sun to pop through … early signs, not looking good. 39 degrees.

Attitude still positive … still positive …

We’re getting after it, and trust you are as well!


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More on Geno.

Outspoken, Geno rubs people the wrong way.

And he has also been accused of many instances of crossing the line over the years.

He has however won 11 NCAA D1 Championships, and he’s been to 22 Final 4’s and 27 conference tournament championships.

From an accomplishments perspective, he’s arguably one of the greatest leader in the history of athletics.

His past players have generally given him high praise.

And he is still employed at a reputable university.

For these reasons, I have chosen to cite what I thought to be good insight as it relates to being successful.

I have not thoroughly researched Geno’s past and do NOT condone any of the things Geno has been accused of over the years that have crossed the line.


University of Connecticut

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