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Billy Beane:
You don’t have a crystal ball. You can’t look at a kid and predict his future any more than I can. I’ve sat at those tables and listened to you tell those parents “When I know, I know. And when it comes to your son. I know.” And you don’t. You don’t.

Great line from the movie, “Moneyball”. The story of Oakland A’s General Manager, and the transformation to the use of data for operational decisions in baseball, as opposed to ‘gut feel’ and ‘instinct’.

The tough question for all of us in the search consulting, recruiting, and hiring space then is …. “Do we know when someone is a good hire”?

Well, you never 100% know how someone will turn out.

Simply because humans can change, especially over time.

Situations change. The business changes.

Managers and Execs have bad days which impacts everything.

It’s never static.

But best-fit recruiting strategies, will allow companies to hire the ‘best fit’ candidates for openings.

To do this, you can’t just rely on ‘one channel’.

At SCN we gather candidate targets from 10 different data sources, we compile, we call, email, text, and we hit them up on DMs.

And then we do it again.

And again.

Sometimes hundreds of hours towards a search.

Then we work with the people who are the closest match based on what is being offered, and what they are looking for.

And we help the best-fit candidate get over the finish line.

From there … what happens next is up to the candidate and the company to make it work … but when the ‘best fit’ is hired … it usually ends up positive.

23-30, clouds … a bit chillier out.

The Great Friday opportunity is upon us.

Friday afternoon, a perfect time to gain traction in your job, as the competition rests away.

Make it a great Friday, everyone!

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When you’ve taken a new job, what percentage fit did you think the job was for you? Or, what percent should it be?

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