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It was interesting ‘being recruited’ yesterday, as I took a college athletic recruiting trip with my daughter to an ACC university.

The school made it an incredibly satisfying experience:

1. Time Investment – The head coach spent 5 hours with us and was in no rush to get off to the next meeting.

2. Support – We received a thorough tour of each department and every single person we met was positive, upbeat, and energized.

3. Culture – Coaches from other sports saw us walking through and made an effort to pop over and introduce themselves and say hello.

4. Selling – There was no ‘hard selling’ but the value points they offered were highly conveyed, they also embraced some of the challenges they faced.

5. Investment – They were heavily investing in their facilities, which is an investment in their athletes.

Result: Incredible ‘feeling’. The coach and the university made us feel good … nothing is more important.

Regardless if my daughter chooses to go their or not, we’ll always talk highly about this university.

Anything that could be done by companies to duplicate the above will highly influence the ever important employer hiring brand.

Not sure where may daughter will end up.

But we’ll always speak incredibly highly of this school.

61-74, clouds, sun.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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