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Bad Meetings


Most people do not want to sit in meetings.

Especially people who are motivated and experienced.

They know what they need to do.

But meetings are also needed, to keep everyone up to speed, and on the same page.

And maybe … just maybe … there is some insight that will help them improve in their job.

Don’t be like Jim.

I led literally the worst sales meeting of all time yesterday over Zoom.

It started with a long discussion filled with tangents about coffee and illicit drugs.

And then the internet went out.

Then when I was able to jump back in, I spoke at great lengths about the importance of sending in beginning of day and end of day reports, especially when working remotely.

Reporting …. yet perhaps the other most hated thing for motivated sales people outside of meetings.

And the meeting went past the 20 minute hard stop that I promised.


This morning. Karma came back and got me for yesterday’s torture session.

I slipped hard on the ice on the driveway … slammed the side of my head hard on the concrete … I laid their for about 4 minutes, my head literally ringing …

It’s still ringing.

I don’t know how I twisted my ankle either.

Whose idea was it to have freezing rain last night anyway.

For those of you who are fortunate to reside in SE-MI …. be careful out there.

It is slippery.

52 years old.

Last time I felt like this was when Bryant Young destroyed me while I was playing scout team quarterback 32 years ago.

I feel like Rocky Balboa.

Note to all managers. WARNING. Do not waste people’s time with meetings that do not help them.

You will receive huge retribution within 24 hours of your crime.

Duly noted.

SCN People … Ice Rain Gods .. forgive me.

I promise ….

No more horrible meetings.

Ever forward. Bruised and phased just a bit.

But somehow … digging deep … and will be sure to get on track here soon enough.

Coffee and Advil now …

Make it a great day everyone!


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Jim Guerrera

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