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Yesterday one of our incredible associates got into a terrible car crash.

A very old senior citizen who reportedly should not be legally driving (reported by a family member who came onto the crash site) because of their awareness level, smashed 50 mph directly through a red light into the passenger side of our associate’s vehicle.

Both cars totaled.

Fortunately, our associate seems to be ok, but suffered a concussion and whiplash and is overall banged up.

There are so many things here ….

But this type of crash is a reason why vehicle companies (and the market) have pushed forward the concept of autonomous vehicles.

Innocent, good drivers, passengers, and pedestrians getting banged up, or worse, is a catalyst for change.

Level 0 = No Automation

Level 1 = Driver Assistance (Steering assistance or braking and acceleration assistance)

Level 2 = Partial Automation (Tesla Autopilot)

Level 3 = Conditional Automation (Mercedes in Nevada only for now)

Level 4 = High Automation (Waymo Driver)

Level 5 = Full Automation (Maybe George Jetson)

While it’s not likely that a Level 5 fully autonomous mobility sector will be moving along on the roadways in my lifetime (I know .. that’s not really saying much … ha), each new vehicle that comes onto the market does have added safety features, some of which could be thrown into a Level 1 autonomous vehicle feature.

The concept of automating vehicles is perplexing for many, including myself.

Is there a greater signifier of human independence than being able to hop in a vehicle, and go??

But when someone you care about gets banged up or even worse for no reason while on the road … it causes a pause on all previous beliefs.

Like most things, ultimately the market (and regulation) will decide where things go autonomous-wise.

For now, just glad our associate is ok, and speaking of technology, beyond thankful that the airbags deployed.

Onward and upward from here as always.

Up to 70 degrees today, and sunny. Incredible.

Make it a great day everyone.


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