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The parallels between athletics and business are endless.

These lessons and takeaways are always easiest in transparent spectator sports.

Football being the biggest.

America’s pastime, having taken over baseball several years ago.

Friday Night Lights.

Saturday’s on campus.

NFL all Sunday.

Monday Night Football.

Thursday Night Football.

Even non-football fans typically know if their local team won or lost.

And thanks to Taylor, even the non-football loving Swifties have tuned into the action.

My 14 year old daughter tells me that Travis ‘Kelss’ (ha) is her favorite player.

These are the primary factors that determine the outcomes of just about every football game.

1. The talent on the rosters.

2. Strategy.

3. Leadership.

You can see these factors influencing the outcome of games, unfold before your very eyes.

There is no better case study than our own Detroit Lions.

1. Talent – Huge upgrades to the roster, and valuable draft picks from the Stafford trade.

2. Strategy – Very competent coordinators, and the offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is a hot name for a head coach next year.

3. Leadership – The team embodies their coach’s personality.

Not the ‘Same Old Lions’, that we’ve known for years here in the Motor City.

The exact 3 factors determine success (or failure) in the business world as well.

It’s just not as transparent to the outside world.

We get ‘glimpses’ in publicly traded and highly visible companies, such as Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, General Motors, etc.

But even people working for these companies, don’t have access to all of the information when decisions are made.

Here are some opportunities for companies to get the leg up on their competition in Corporate America.

1. Talent

Pulling the trigger, when great talent is in front of them for hire.

Improving retention of top employees.

Not paying for the right talent when the opportunity presents itself.

Leaders … you are not operating with the constraints of the NFL … there is an unlimited opportunity to hire as many first round draft picks as possible…

2. Strategy

Making decisions based on short-term outcomes only … not thinking long-term.

3. Leadership

Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z make up the modern workforce ….

I’m not sure if there’s ever been such a difference in perspective when comparing Boomer and Millennial and Gen Z Workers … endless opportunities for improvement in connecting leaders and employees from different generations.

Side Note:

I’m sure there is a 4th item that Ohio State and MSU Fans are saying is important as well regarding success on the gridiron …. sign stealing …. ?

39-57, sunshine …

Make it a great Monday, everyone!

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