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Any Transformation?

I had a conversation with an Advanced Manufacturing Company CEO friend last week.

Brainstorming, planning and recruiting.

He wants to ‘get over the hump’, talent wise.

Too many candidates ‘fell-off’ during the interview process last year.

Here’s what I asked him, “What happens to people after they join your organization? Any transformation”?

The companies who can transform employees into something better than when they arrived … special stuff.

Separates good companies from great ones.


He liked it.

That’s the focus now.

Now … how do you make it happen?

Easier said than done!

But that’s the fun part.

Putting a plan together and implementing.

Here’s a quick checklist for starters:

1. Formalized Training Programs.

2. Continuous Training.

3. A culture where hands-on leadership is support and service oriented, that enables people to thrive and feel good while doing it.

4. Allow employees to grow personally while also making it impossible for them to not grow professionally.

5. Take care of their mental health – stress is over the top in the modern world … noise … unrealistic expectations everywhere … clean this up for your people.

These are starter ideas.

And the opportunities for employee development and transformation are endless.

But if you help them transform … in a good way.

The recruits will sense it during the interview process.

And they’ll want to join in on the fun and say ‘yes’ at offer time.

Having tons of fun over here at SCN – Search Consulting Network.

Final planning touches for 2023.

It’s going to be a good one.

Make it a great day everyone!

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