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Quiet restructuring is the term that is taking place in business today.

Companies are restructuring their work force.

Which is a fancy way of saying they are removing people who are not meeting their expectations.

“We’re not in alignment, change is needed. I need a Sales Manager”, is what a hiring manager told us recently.


Or misalignment actually.

It’s one of the biggest challenges in the modern world of management, companies and people are not aligned.

It’s especially challenging to be in alignment when not operating under the same roof.

But that’s not going to change anytime soon. Remote and hybrid work is here to stay.

So then the key, is to get managers and employees aligned, especially when working in different locations.

Often times, an employee may be working and putting in their particular version of success in their role.

They are honestly doing what they think is the right level of output.

But the manager who is under the microscope thinks differently.

He’s getting heat from the executives to produce more.

These two are not in alignment.

No two definitions of success are the same.

The key then, is to align individual versions of success with company requirements.

Not an easy thing to do, especially when the demands of day to day work are paramount.

Custom management is difficult, but it’s increasingly important in the world of management.

Give it a try.

It may just be enough to help you avoid quiet restructuring of your team.

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Make it a great day, everyone!


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