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AI now What?

A few months ago, the fears were heightened with the impact of AI in the world of work.
The primary concerns were privacy and the devaluation of human capital.
And that AI may outperform human capabilities in an infinite amount of possible ways.
The World Economic Forum did a comprehensive study that showed AI would take away 85 million jobs globally by 2025.
But it also concluded that it would generate 97 million new jobs in fields such as big data, security, marketing and machine learning.
Like most new technologies, there is value to be derived from AI in the world of work.
But the likelihood of it being ‘gamed’ for personal profit, and spam and scam is very high as well. The spam and scam game is only going to increase exponentially in the years to come with the increased output of AI programs.
Can you picture AI voice programs, impersonating your personal banker, with knowledge of all your relatives, and pass codes, and giving you a verification call and downloading $ from your bank account?
Or do you envision AI just taking over key tasks, and making things go so smooth and efficient that you are living in shangrila?
Or maybe a ‘Terminator’ world?

AI has shown its worth and lasting value in the supply chain world. And there is value as a ghost writer perhaps.

I’m curious to learn about its value outside of these areas. I’m also wondering about the downside as well.

Got me thinking, what have you seen with the impacts of AI now that we’re coming up on a year in November of the launch of Chat GPT?
I’d be curious to hear your personal thoughts below.

55-69, sunshine.
Make it a great day, everyone!
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What is your personal perspective on the impact of AI in the world of work thus far?

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Not much has changed


Huge + changes in productivity


Huge negatives, spam and scam


Other – please comment below


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