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Overheard one of our recruiters speaking with a candidate who was frustrated, wanted to move up, and get promoted.

OK, traditionally our consulting has been, this is what you need to do.

1. Hit your numbers
2. Make sacrifices on behalf of the company (move, relocate, work long hours)
3. Be strong politically, get along with others, cooperate
The world has changed so much though over these past 5 years, and the ways to get promoted have likely changed as well.

The 2020s are here and most old school ways in the world of work are behind us.

I really think the work itself matters the most now, and politics are less important although still a factor (because most companies are remote or hybrid, and there just isn’t as much time in the office, playing politics).

And individual values have changed.

The days of people staying late into the evening, circa 1990 just to show their commitment to the company are mostly gone as well.

Or are they?

I’d love to get some feedback and your perspective on what you are seeing in the modern world of work, 2023.

Please jump in on the survey below.

66-85, and much needed rain.

Make it a great day!

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Best Ways to Move Upward in a Company

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreBest Ways to Move Upward in a Company

Hit your numbers, all the time 35%

Make sacrifices for company 10%

Be well liked, cooperate 46%

Other, comment below 8%

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