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This past weekend, Scott Pelley from 60 Minutes interviewed Google CEO, Sundar Pachai and others regarding advancements in AI and the new Bard chatbot from Google.

What’s interesting is that Bard doesn’t look for answers on the internet like the Google search engine does.

Instead, it’s a self contained program that is mostly self taught.

Some highlights on the Bard chatbot that appear interesting and possibly helpful for society:
*It can be utilized to brainstorm ideas
*It works 100K times faster than the human brain

Google’s Perspective on Primary Benefits:
*To generate content
*To write a blog post or a speech or an email

Areas of Wow / Concern / You be the Judge:
*Emergent Properties – Some of the AI programs are teaching themselves skills that they were not supposed to have, and it is not understood how they did this
*Black box – The term used when programmers or technical people don’t fully understand why some things happen, yet it is being released upon society. Per Pachai, “Let me put it this way, we don’t fully understand how the human mind works either”.

There is no stopping the AI era that is upon us.

Get on-board or get out of the way.

As far as AI language models go, like Bard, I can’t help but think the SPAM and SCAM era is upon us.

Any random person (or maybe robot), can type a few keywords into a program, it spits out a competent written result, and then the person posts it, claims it, or even publishes it as their own?

That used to be called not doing your own work.

I’m not grieving.

I still have belief that human connection and insight will keep a much wanted and needed place in society.

And the silver lining will be that real human connections will carry more value than ever, after the novelty of chatting with AI bots wears off.

And you know what, I may just go and order a new batch of personalized card stock, for some good old fashioned hand written notes.

45 degrees and rainy on this Friday morning.

Make it a great day everyone!


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