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3 phases to the UAW Strike


Phase 1 – PRE-STRIKE – Everything that could have happened up until September 15th.

The failure of leadership by the Detroit leaders and the UAW leaders to reach an agreement prior to this date resulted in the strike taking off.

There was so much hostility by the UAW leading up to this point, that it was most likely inevitable, but truly effective leadership may have prevented it.

Regardless, the Detroit 3 could have done much better anticipating the climate and the pulse of what was coming.


The Detroit 3 executive leadership, proved that maybe Fain’s claims were right .. the Executive pay isn’t worth it … it is hard to argue this the way they missed all of the signs of what would happen.

Fain clearly won this phase.

Phase 2 – FAIN DELIVERS PAIN – September 15th – October 5th

October 1st – Stellantis made a late, updated offer to the UAW which was believed to be their best offer, with public notification.

October 3rd – Ford made their 7th offer, putting all workers in the 75th percentile, for both factory and professional positions, this was their best offer.

October 5th – GM made their 6th offer, what they believe was their best offer.


The UAW Won. Fain did the unthinkable. He had all 3 companies put on strike at the same time, and he came up with record offers. He pushed the OEMs well past what they wanted to settle for. 

Fain for the win in Phase 2.

Fain has also won over the American public, 85% of which support the strike and the workers … but 90% are not willing to put their money behind it and buy American over other brands if American vehicles are more expensive.

Phase 3 – FAIN … NO GAINS – October 5th – Current

October 11th – No new offer from Ford … nothing changed … Fain put the Kentucky Truck Plant on Strike.

No new announced offers from GM and Stellantis.

The hope is that behind scenes progress is being made, in spite of all the toxic rhetoric from Fain.


This is crazy time … each day that passes is carelessness. Fain is the primary culprit for all of the pain the rest of the industry and economy feels.

Leaked emails by the UAW to inflict pain on the OEMs and to inflict industrial chaos … maybe as a goal above all else … could be coming to fruition … because Fain already won.

After October 5th … everyone loses.

UAW strike members are suffering .. $500 a week that is taxed is not enough.

Any offer updates from here are final tweaks, to perhaps get in alignment with another one of the OEMs.

It’s quite possible that Fain is dragging this thing on for more headlines … he leaked his desire to form unions at Tesla, Toyota, and others … well if that’s the case … carnage and havoc has begun in the sacrifice for his personal mission.

The strike isn’t slowing us down here at SCN – Search Consulting Network!

Make it a great Friday, everyone!


Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

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