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2nd Interview


There are different nuances throughout the interview process.

Here’s what’s most important during the 2nd interview.

The big goals, for the hiring team.

1. If they can trust you to do the job the right way for them.

2. How will you get along with the team and how will you be to work with on a daily basis?

Questions to Ask Here and Phrases to State:

How would you describe the culture of the company?

Who would the people be that I interact with on a daily basis?

I’ve always been a part of teams, and I have always been a good teammate. The best thing I can share about myself here, is that I would be part of a larger organization. The organization itself is what is most important, and I look at my role as someone who needs to make a positive impact to the overall larger community. I’m someone who will work with people, and not against people.

I’ll always carry my own weight and then also by nature I am one to go above and beyond. My 80/20 rule, is that I give 80, but maybe only expect 20 back from others. I believe in service of others and that drives me on a daily basis.

If there was a mentor that I could work closely with, that would be wonderful as well.

Outside of the required professional developmental initiatives, what other ways exist in the company where I could develop and grow as a professional?

3. What would it ‘look like’ if you were to join the company?

Topics / Questions

What is the specific position and location that I am best suited for?

Whatever the schedule and requirements may be, I will always go above and beyond. Whatever it takes to be successful is what drives me.

4. What are the key differentiators that you possess, that maybe other candidates do not, that would cause them to want to choose you?

Topics Questions

I will bring great energy and passion to the company, which will help me influence people in a positive light.

(Other ‘special sauce’ that you may have here ..)

If you’ve got a 2nd interview in the works, good luck bringing it home!

32-45, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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