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15 Years


This is what 15 years together looks like.
Still smiling.
Daniel Ramón has been a steady, loyal, and a highly productive recruiter for SCN for 15 years now.
You could say he’s like a fine wine … we always had it great together.
But he just keeps getting better at his work over time.

He’s regularly achieved the highest marks within SCN.
Dan and I joke about the cold conference room when we met the first time.
He was unphased, and was sporting a short sleeve shirt (and some impressive pipes if I must say so). .. ha.
Dan said this is what he wanted to do:
Have a family
Have a home
Have a career that will enable him to achieve those goals
All of the boxes have been checked! 
And, he’s added a few more items to the list: Traveling the world (he and his wife Sherry are dedicated ‘cruisers’).
And Dan also has served in ministry and also as a volunteer sheriff.
Rock solid man, is Dan.
Kind with a service mind.
Dan specializes in the industrial products sector, and also is our practice recruiting lead for accounting and finance.
Well-rounded you might say?
Yes … that is Dan.
Dan, we cannot thank you enough for your dedicated service to the firm over the past 15 years.
Excited about the future, bud.
Not excited about the weather here in SE-MI, though.
Cold, rainy, and dark.
We’re plugging through.
Make it a great day everyone!
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