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SCN – Team Talk Brendan Moriarty

SCN’s Brendan Moriarty specializes in the Consumer Electronics Space.

His specific client base consists of manufacturers of mechanical and electronic components that are used in manufacturing consumer electronic devices.

He is particularly suited to offer tremendous value in this industry, because he spent over 20 years working in it!

After receiving his BSME from the University of Notre Dame, he worked as a consulting engineer.

He then pursued a MSME from Purdue University, and then grew his career with suppliers of mechanical components.

He’s held positions as Application Engineer, Product Engineer, Technical Sales, and also as an Executive and leader of a sales organization.

SCN takes great pride in our ability to offer valuable consulting with our clients.

Brendan Moriarty makes this possible in the Consumer Electronics sector because of his unique knowledge of the industry.

He’s also deeply connected, with strong relationships of people working in the space.

Full version of the conversation is in the comments below.

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