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Purge Welding

I had a great conversation with Michaela Hess of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques regarding purge welding.

Michaela shared, “Purge welding is the displacement of oxygen by an inert gas (usually argon) from the vicinity of a weld, before, during and after welding.”

Michaela continued, “It is crucial to displace the oxygen when welding many metals such as titanium, stainless steel and zirconium to help achieve oxide free, zero colour welds with no loss of corrosion resistant properties.”

What are the benefits of using Weld Purging Equipment?  According to Michaela, “Saves money.  You are able to remove guesswork or estimates.  And it saves time, as the inert gas consumption is significantly reduced.”

If you want to purge added costs, then you should apply purge welding to your next welding job!

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