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Mechanical Components – Attitude Is Everything in Business

I had a pleasant exchange recently with Raul Silva, who has had Business Development experience with companies such as PLITEK, Supply Force, and others.

He shared, “I believe that adversity brings out the best in us. I believe and feel that the economy will rebound sooner rather than later because the spirit of this country and more importantly its people is strong. We will pass this test. Staying positive, being adaptable and versatile along with a good skill set will be a difference maker.”

He continued, “Staying grounded, being humble and hungry to grow will drive us and push us to excel in our daily lives. I firmly believe there is an opportunity presented to us, to renew ourselves, to regroup and get a fresh new starts.  Social networking sites like Linked-In and organizations like SCN will play an even more important role in today’s business world and the world to come.  In summary, one of the most important thing we can put on each and every day is our best attitude.”

Like most industries, there has been some economic damage in the mechanical components space, but professionals like Raul will survive any storm, and come out all the stronger for it!

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Brendan Moriarty

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Brendan Moriarty

Brendan Moriarty joined SCN as a Practice Leader of Electronics in 2017. In 2022 Brendan was promoted to Director. Brendan’s primary focus is consulting with clients and placing candidates within the Consumer Electronic...

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