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Justin Misaras had a nice conversation with Steve Gutman, an industry veteran having experiences working for Siemens, Renishaw, and Knuth Machine Tools.

He offered some insight, ““Manufacturers today are facing a skills gap.  Although high schools and colleges are expanding their programs and creating workshops to teach the basics and even advanced techniques, the need for skilled workers is increasing faster.  Machine tools are becoming more complex and capable. Siemens CNC4you, LEAP educational/certification programs provide individuals and scholastic institutions with tools to help master these skills, get good jobs and provide companies with the people they need. Programs of this type are growing all over the country. There is progress and hope on both sides of the equation.  Siemens and others are making controllers much more conversational and intuitive.  We no longer need complex, lengthy user manuals as the software makes the process faster to learn and users more productive. With education and technology meeting in the middle, US manufacturing has a bright future.”

It’s encouraging to think of the bright future for manufacturing in the USA!

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Justin Misaras

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