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had a nice conversation with Luke Allen recently regarding the importance of
using technology to update work instructions.

what he had to say, “Updating work instructions is very important for
documenting changes in processes and keeping employees aware of those changes.
Technology gives companies the opportunity to apply continuous improvement to
work instructions as well as guarantee that employees notice every change
improvement. Some of these technological improvements for the future could
include AI feedback on work instructions’ effectiveness and the most effective
methods to use. These opportunities are very important to take advantage of in
today’s rapidly changing business climate.”

also added that advances in technology have aided the manufacturing process,
“Technology has many opportunities to aid in manufacturing processes. CAD
programs, the internet, and other technology-related assets will continue to
enhance and improve manufacturing processes. Other less-developed technologies
like AI and Deep Learning have the opportunity to revolutionize manufacturing
in the near future. The current COVID-19 crisis could easily become the
catalyst in many world-changing
technologies as people are forced to adjust to the current state of our world
and develop preventive measures for the future.”

Luke is a believer in technology, and for his
thesis, he created an automatic internal thread checker and he shared some
details regarding this, “Currently, human operators use hand gages and make a
subjective decision on good and bad threads. My machine was designed to test
internal threads using a measured torque (according to OEM specifications) and
a create a consistent and repeatable method to objectively call threads
good or bad.”

Anyone who is involved in manufacturing, must
also be strong technologically as the future of manufacturing will be driven by

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Matt Hannah

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