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Manufacturing – Statistical Process Control

Matt Hannah received some insight from Mihir Patel, an extremely well-versed manufacturing professional.

According to Patel, “The use of Statistical Process Control is critical for safety in assembly in a manufacturing environment.”

He continued, “The control charts provide operational insight for critical stakeholders and reveal what’s going on in a manufacturing line in real time.  They allow operators to detect and correct issues before they cause deeper problems in processes and products. This greatly reduces the need for product rework or additional product expenditures to fix an offering.  It is just as important to know when your process is running smoothly as it is to know when something is wrong. Specifically, when trying to detect whether a problem exists, operators can quite frequently over-tamper with a process that was running correctly, which can lead to more variances.”

It’s clear that the use of Statistical Process Control, helps manufacturers, stay in control of their process.

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