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Justin Misaras had a nice conversation with David Eizelman, most recently the President of KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools Medical Division, a division of KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools.

He offered some interesting insight regarding advances in manufacturing technology, “It’s technology, technology, technology. Keeping up with advancements. One of the challenges within any industry, large or small, keeping up with the advancement and changes of how parts are manufactured, and how the customers are changing.”

He cited the medical sector, “Orthopedic for example – new products and advancements of how things are done, you need to be flexible and agile. It can be as simple as changing a process or parts, or using new materials. Lighter more flexible materials that can last longer, which brings more challenges with high precision machining.”

Machining in particular offers some unique changes according to Eizelman, “Machines these days are 5 and 6-axis machines, so people need to be able to think three dimensional. There are so many complexities in material, how they react to heat, speed, etc.”

There are no places for manufacturing luddites, in the modern society!

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Justin Misaras

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