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Manufacturing – Importance of Testing Materials Before Production

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rishabh Vedant recently regarding the importance of surface treatment for better part adhesion during manufacturing and he shared some excellent insight.

Rishabh stated, “In any kind of adhesive application process, surface energy of a surface plays a big part in how strong the bond will be between the adhesive and bonding surface.”

He added, “Surface energy basically gives an indication of strength of bond between an adhesive and the surface in question. However, when materials have low surface energy, surface treatment processes need to raise their energy. In the case of plastics for example, you can use heat to increase the surface energy. There are also a number of coatings available that can be used as treatment methods.”

It’s easy to lose sight and take for granted the bonding of materials during the manufacturing process.  However it is clear, that a manufactured product is only as good as the material that holds it together!

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