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Manufacturing – Advances in Technology and Instrumentation

Manufacturing – Advances in Technology and Instrumentation

I had a nice conversation with Ramya Saroja Kandula, regarding technology in Manufacturing and she shared some interesting perspective.

Here is what she shared, “Over the past few years, areas like biosensors, smart sensors, gesture recognition, and condition diagnostics have seen advancements like never before.”

She added, “Biosensor technology is a different ball game right now and is rapidly developing as we all know due to the ongoing pandemic. The recent advancements in this field have acquired supreme importance in the field of drug discovery and biological instrumentation. They provide a basis in understanding technological improvements in instrumentation involving sophisticated high-throughput machines for quantitative biologists and portable qualitative or semi-quantitative devices.”

As times change, manufacturing processes and procedures change as well.  Those who stay in the vanguard with adaptation to technology, will be the ones who lead the pack in the manufacturing sector!

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