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Justin Misaras had the pleasure of speaking with Arnold Latzke, National Sales Manager with Pioneer NA regarding trends in the machine tool sector.

He stated, “I’ve been in the metalworking and machining industry ever since I got out of school, it’s what I know best.  In 2018 there was a huge rise in companies purchasing machine tools, you couldn’t get them fast enough. In 2019 there was a dip, but business still grew as all of those new machines need tool holders.”

Pioneer is a diverse company, as they private label their products for cutting tool companies, both small and large.

He continued, “It’s amazing to see how many, and how fast independent distributors are being acquired by companies like BlackHawk Industrial, Vallen, and Berkshire eSupply.

The American Manufacturing market is strong, and if your company is looking to grow its production, it would behoove you to check out the Pioneer offering!

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