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Recently, SCN’s Dan Ramon had a great conversation with Phil Morrison from Detco regarding insights from the floor care industry.

With over 33 years of experience in this space, he knows the industry as well as anyone.

According to Phil, “WASTE, is a word that describes what must be avoided in the floor care space”.

He continued, “I started stripping, sealing, and waxing floors in 1963 at the age of 17.  I returned to the industry in 1985 with a Texas chemical company and I learned a variety of cleaning applications for a variety of floors.  In all instances, it was important to avoid wasted materials”.

According to Phil, one of his greatest accomplishments is the longevity in the industry, “I was brought into solving a floor problem in my local USPS in 1992, and now 30 years later I can say I’ve been into thousands of post office facilities dealing with every possible floor type and solving their unique problems.  I’ve been with a great company, Detco starting in June, 1988, and our believe stands today – quality first and foremost”.

I find it quite interesting to meet people in a variety of roles within the industry and without a doubt, the passion that Phil has for the floor care industry is above the rest.

We can take for granted the floors we walk on, but that’s only because great people like Phil and companies like Detco enable it to happen.

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