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I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Hackman, Director of Operations with Tru-Edge Grinding regarding market activity in the Grinding Sector.

He shared, “Prior to the recent changes, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 started out positively for Tru-Edge.  Due to the fact that a large percentage of our business is in the automotive sector, we have noticed a downturn.  Fortunately, we have a diverse enough customer base that we are able to remain viable.  We are also heavily involved in the Orthopedic Industry, and may of those customers have been deemed essential, thereby allowing us to continue to keep our doors open and employees working.  We have recently shifted our focus away from promoting our products to promoting our services.  In times like these, the companies that remain open, need help.  As their trusted suppliers are forced to shut down, they still need a back-up plan.  Tru-Edge wants to be there for those companies, whether it be short term, or long.  We are all in this together and we are only going to survive by helping out and working together.” 

It’s pretty easy to see that Tru Edge Grinding has great leadership, and a great purpose.  It’s companies like Tru-Edge Grinding that are the backbone of America, and enable us to progress as a manufacturing economy.

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