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Are You Staying Focused?

The fundamental challenge that we have as individuals in managing our lives through the COVID-19 pandemic, is that we all want answers to questions where not many answers exist. 

When can we go back to work?

When are things going to be normal again?

There are no definitive timelines in place yet for the
country to turning the economy back on.

A challenging situation for society and for

So how do those of us who are in business sort through
the uncertainty?

The most important thing is to stay focused and take
care of the work that you need to accomplish and know that eventually, you will
be back working in your environment pre-COVID-19.

This is easier said than done.

As humans it is sometimes difficult to think ahead
especially because we are exposed to a variety of media sources that each do an
incredible job of paralyzing the viewers. 

News stations are for profit entities.  Their managers focus on ratings above all
else, and the best way to get ratings is to report on the

They love to chase ambulances and report on a catastrophe. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has boosted news station
viewership which means an increase in their advertising revenue.



The national media outlets run effective corporations that
are experts in drawing you in.

I’m not suggesting the news that is being reported is
fake, or inaccurate.

Or that you shouldn’t watch it.

But do the leaders and managers of news stations care
about you staying focused on your job and not paying attention to their news,
or do they care about their viewership, and their ratings and the money that
their stations make for their shareholders? 

Free speech and the freedom for news stations (a.k.a.
for-profit businesses) to freely report on the news is a critical and important
part of a democracy.

Just remember, that they do choose what to report on
and how to report it.

Also, as viewers of the news cycle we have a choice of
what to listen to and not listen to.

Do not get addicted to watching the news.  Do not let the current news-cycle paralyze

Stay informed, and understand what is happening in
America and the world, but do not let negative information in the news or a
fear of the unknown, keep you from performing what you need to do on a daily

Do not think that just because most sectors of the
economy are currently shut down, that you cannot conduct business.

Too many people who are currently employed are sitting
on the sidelines right now waiting for the quarantine to be lifted and they are
treating this social distancing period as a ‘stay-cation’ opportunity. 

During a conversation with a CEO the other day, he was
exasperated telling me how much their overall work productivity has dropped off
since their company implemented work at home orders for their organization.

While it is imperative as a society to continue social
distancing for a period of time to flatten the curve, it’s also critically
important to keep performing your work responsibilities even while working from

Regardless of your position in business, if you are
employed this is a golden opportunity to build your career and forge ahead
simply because many people are taking it easy right now and not working at full

It’s a particularly excellent opportunity to connect
with people in your space that you otherwise would not have had the opportunity
to connect with, either over the phone or via video conference.

There also is an opportunity for companies to grab
market share right now.

And the greatest opportunity for companies right now
is hiring great talent as many good employees are out of work, and several
people are disgruntled with the way their company has operated during the
pandemic and are now actively seeking a career change.

The best companies today have people working relentlessly
to get new business in their pipeline, they are creating new products or
services that are needed by the market, and they are making sales.

They are not paying attention to the news-cycle, they
are playing both the short game and the long game as they invest in their company.

In good companies the employees are active, engaged,
and making things happen as much as possible.

If you are in business there is always something work
related that you could be doing.  Any
position in the modern business world is Sisyphean.

There is no such thing as being totally caught up.

Keep working.

Keep your guard up.

Push …. forward.

This is your chance to get ahead simply because others
are playing the waiting game.

Have faith that the economy will come back because it

Also, if you are one of the great workers in the USA
right now who is currently unemployed as a result of the pandemic, do not let
the news cycle freeze you either.

Get out there and network, talk to as many companies
as possible. 

Plant seeds for yourself so that when the market opens
up you can find work quickly. 

Use this opportunity to train or update key skills
that are needed in your line of work.

Read a good business book.  Find positive social networking influences to

Develop new networks.

Just keep pushing forward.

Do not lose hope of a better future for yourself. 

America is not ready to open up just yet, there is
still work to do in containing the virus.

But we are better off today as a society with virus
containment than we were 2 and 3 weeks ago.

We are making progress.

Opening the economy at least partially could be within
a month or possibly two months away.

Maybe within a month from now workers will be able to
go back to their positions, wearing masks and gloves.

Every surface in a workplace will be wiped down,

People will stay 6 feet apart from each other.

Temperatures will be taken and if you are warm, the
instructions will be to stay home.

No coughing.

This is how most workers will operate when we open
back up and then in a few more months, assuming no major setbacks, society will
gradually get back to a more normalized, ‘new normal’.

While things may never get back to exactly the way they
were pre-COVID-19, some things will always hold true through the test of time.

If you work hard, have a good plan, and stay committed
to your career especially during periods of adversity, your network will take
notice and your career will continue on its upward trajectory.

Stay focused.

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Jim Guerrera

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