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Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


People and companies from around the world attended, technology and electronics that seemed like something from a movie were on display in all showrooms, and the weather was cool but sunny every day, making for a great week.

It was intriguing and sometimes even moving to see the technology created with the goal of leaving a positive impact on society (health and wellness gadgets, dentures designed with magnets, automated assistants for doctors to suggest the best course of action and anti-gravity mattresses/massage chairs to name a few).

In addition to the companies aiming to directly impact our health and wellness, there were others who displayed tech that could be used both directly and indirectly to benefit our well-being through entertainment, virtual-reality experiences and just outright amazing technology.

One of my personal favorites was FORUM8 International ‘s VR 360 experience. The virtual reality can be used to play games, simulate experiences, conduct road research safety studies, aid civil and structural engineering and so much more.

I was able to take a video of the VR 360 in action below.

What are your thoughts on Virtual Reality? Do you agree that it can be used to improve and promote well-being, or is it not accurate enough quite yet?

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