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A-Game Interviewing


I overheard the feedback from two separate interviews yesterday.

One candidate is pumped, loved the meeting with the recruiter.

The other candidate was very interested prior to the interview, but then cooled quickly after the interview.

Didn’t feel he meshed with the recruiter, and just felt overall some things didn’t add up as it related to the bonus structure and compensation package.

He’s out.

It’s not easy recruiting, all day long.

Can be tedious.


Another interview.

And another.

And another.

More coffee …

Sometimes, it’s natural to go through the motions.

And another ….

But representing your company while hiring is a huge responsibility.

And what sometimes gets lost in the day to day responsibilities of recruiting, is that candidates are VERY interested in just about every single word that is conveyed in the conversations.

And how the message is delivered.

And the body language.

A slip up here and there by an interviewer can be enough to permanently taint the candidate on the company.

Top candidates are detailed, especially in anything that affects their career.

As the saying goes, you’ve only got one chance at a first impression.

Bringing the A-Game matters when interviewing … best shot at the best talent, and that … is the name of the game.

Someday the sun will shine on us here in SE-MI.

But today, 35 degrees, cloudy, and a rain front.

A-Game though on all fronts, here at SCN!

Make it a great day, everyone!


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