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I had a nice discussion with Anirban Bose regarding trends he is seeing in RF Engineering Technology.

Anirban shared some interesting insight, “4G is past its prime and because 5G has a wider frequency band, it is what most companies are using now.”

He elaborated, “What’s encouraging for those of us in technology, is that it has not yet fully reached its peak.”

I for one am always interested in a wider frequency band and it’s good to hear of the future promise in this area.

Anirban also shared some interesting insight on the future, “The next big technology coming in RF is massive MIMO antennas. MIMO stands for massive input, massive output.  This is an extension of MIMO, but is even larger.  MIMO essentially groups together antennas at the transmitter and receiver and it is a base station that has multiple antenna ports which provides more efficiency.”

The more things change in technology, the more they stay the same!

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