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Vehicles – EVs and HEVs

Derek Ochodnicky with KERN-LIEBERS shared some interesting insight with Stacey Bernson Bernson regarding the disruption in the vehicles sector.

He stated, “Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a big trend in the industry, but some outside of the automotive sector are unaware of how diverse the market actually is or how much more diverse it will become. Almost every automotive manufacturer has or will have, at least, one form of EV in their lineup. There are even new startups, and less known, EV manufacturers entering the market as well. Consumers won’t be limited to one specific style of vehicle either. There will be a variety of vehicle options, e.g., trucks, SUVs, luxury cars, sports cars and crossovers. Two of the most commonly known EV manufacturers are Tesla with their Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Toyota Motor Corporation with their Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) PRIUS and RAV4.

Suppliers will need to adjust the market demands as the move to EVs continues at a rapid pace!

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Stacey Bernson

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Stacey Bernson

Stacey Bernson joined SCN as a Recruiting Specialist in 2012. She was promoted to Sr. Recruiting Executive in 2014. She is also a Practice Leader for Sales & Program Managment Positions. Stacey's primary focus is recruiting candidates for Auto...

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