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Vehicle OEM Sales – Strategy

Stacey Bernson had a nice conversation with Mark Spindler, Vice President of Sales KERN-LIEBERS regarding working in the trenches as a Tier Supplier to the OEMs.

Spindler stated, “Something I’ve told many people who worked for me over the years when they are unsure what to do.  Look at your current data set.  Based on the data in front of you, pick a direction and start walking and working towards it.  If at any time the data changes, don’t be afraid to change direction and start walking in a new direction. The only constant in our work lives is change itself. Embrace it.”

Spindler would know, after several years in the front line selling, and leading sales for suppliers to the vehicle OEMs.

And anyone in vehicle sector does know, that the more things change, the more the stay the same!  Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Infotainment …. Etc.

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Stacey Bernson

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Stacey Bernson

Stacey Bernson joined SCN as a Recruiting Specialist in 2012. She was promoted to Sr. Recruiting Executive in 2014. She is also a Practice Leader for Sales & Program Managment Positions. Stacey's primary focus is recruiting candidates for Auto...

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