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Vehicle Electronics – ADAS

Susan Perris had a nice conversation with Tameru Addis, a hardware engineer with ZF Group regarding changes in the vehicles sector.

“I see ADAS, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, as a growing area in automotive,” stated Addis.

He continued, “I handle all the typical tasks of a HW Engineer: PCB, layout review, EMC, DFMEAs, etc. and I am also working on cameras.”

He elaborated on some changes in the industry, “Even though autonomous vehicles are a future growth area, it will be a while before that technology takes off, because the roads and overall infrastructure is not ready.”

Tameru is more interested in staying in ADAS area, an area of challenge, and also an area of stability!

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Susan Perris

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Susan Perris

Susan Perris joined SCN as a Marketing Specialist in 2009 and was promoted to Search Consultant in 2010. She was promoted to Sr. Search Consultant in 2013. She is also a Practice Leader for positions within the vehicles space. Susan focuses extens...

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