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The Parallels of Life and Business.


As is the case with every sporting event, there are many parallels to life and business, and Super Bowl LVIII was no different. A memorable 25-22 overtime win by the Kansas City Chiefs led by the NFL’s best QB, Patrick Mahomes.
The parallels to life/business are countless, including the importance of mental fortitude and always believing (not only did the Chiefs come from behind during the game, they had to beat both the Bills and Ravens on the road as underdogs to make it here in the first place), the value of consistency (from the coaching staff down to the players, KC has a structured approach that they’ve practiced so often, it has become second nature for the players involved), the importance of working as a team (as good as Mahomes played, without the defensive stops and accurate kicks from Butker, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to win the game), and one that stood out to me most: the relationship you have with your colleagues and managers.

After being taken out of the game and a Chiefs fumble ensuing on the following play, Travis Kelce had a spat with head coach Andy Reid on the sideline. With lots of emotion, Kelce shouted in his face, angered from being taken out.
Many criticized the interaction and accused Kelce of a lack of respect and many other character flaws. However, when Andy Reid himself was asked about it post-game, he responded cheerfully saying “He wants to be out there…He keeps me young…He tested that hip out. He caught me off balance – normally, I’d give him a little bit, but I didn’t have any feet under me.” and followed with further elaboration on his love for Kelce’s passion for the game, love for his teammates/winning, and unselfish approach to it all.

Furthermore, Kelce addressed the interaction by mentioning that he owes his entire career to Reid for his influence on his playing style, being a terrific leader of men, helping Kelce learn how to channel emotion, and for simply being the greatest coach the game has seen. Not only were they both comfortable with the interaction due to their relationship and understanding of one another, but they had each other’s back both publicly and privately.
Lots to learn from Champions in any sport or industry and Super Bowl LVIII leaves us with plenty to reflect on and improve ourselves with.

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