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The New Normal

The term New Normal gets used quite a bit, but I think it’s accurate because things have changed in this world because of Covid-19.

During a recent conversation with Automotive Account Manager Scott Lobestael, he shared some interesting insight regarding the workplace.

According to Scott, “A lot of people like the idea of working from home for the future, which would save money for companies in regards to offices and space needed.”

He continued, “This creates a ‘win-win’ for everyone and there is more productivity for the company.”

Reduced costs, and increased productivity is always a winning combination!

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Stacey Bernson

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Stacey Bernson

Stacey Bernson joined SCN as a Recruiting Specialist in 2012. She was promoted to Sr. Recruiting Executive in 2014. She is also a Practice Leader for Sales & Program Managment Positions. Stacey's primary focus is recruiting candidates for Auto...

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