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The Growth of AI


AI is now being used more than ever for personal, professional/work and outright leisure reasons, and its use/capabilities will only become greater as time goes on.

With any change, fighting against or trying to avoid it is pointless (likely even harmful), but embracing, learning about and using change to improve your life and those around you is a much better approach.

The same can be said about using AI for work as an engineering leader. AI has brought about massive change in the day-to-day tasks and just about every other aspect of engineering. The best leaders are modern and are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves and their teams by being more efficient. By embracing AI, high efficiency levels are more achievable than ever. Some of the benefits that engineering leaders will see include stronger data collection, automated tasks and workflows, better resource allocation, improved quality, more accurate innovation and research, overall increased efficiency (individually and for their team), and much more.

AI and related technology continue to change and improve rapidly, and it is no secret that they can significantly impact engineering leaders, teams and others in a positive manner. The key now is for leaders and team members alike to spend the time to learn AI’s capabilities and implement usage where it will be most beneficial.

I’m curious to hear real world situations where AI has helped you become more efficient. Comments are welcome below!


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