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Software – The Critical Importance of Hiring Great People

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sr. IT Manager and Entrepreneur, David Loureiro, regarding insight and advice to those in the software engineering sector.

David was kind enough to share some insight, “People make up companies and all good companies need good people.”

As someone who is committed to the Search Consulting Profession, I could not agree more!

David elaborated, “It is critically important for managers to develop, mentor, and lead people in their organization – even though managers carry the title, they often do not execute these critical responsibilities.  Anything that is done to improve people, is a key to success in business and typically will result in bottom line improvement.”

Some good word here from David Lourerio that are certainly true in the software space, but also can ring true across many industries.

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Samson Kakos

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Samson Kakos

Samson Kakos joined SCN as a Recruiting Specialist in 2019 and in 2022 was promoted to Client Manager. Samson’s primary focus is consulting with and developing great relationships with clients and recruiting and placing great candidates within t...

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